2017 HAS ARRIVED!!!!!

We have received a large number of new 2017 bikes from Specialized and Raleigh! There have been a number of advancements to classic bikes, as well as new models.

2017 has brought new styles and new colors to products ranging from shoes to helmets.

S-Works bikes from Specialized are now available in our offerings.

ALL 2016 or older bikes are on sale, in stock only.

Ride Safe From All Of Us At Pat’s!!!

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Fall is here, that means it’s time to reevaluate your home bike inventory and see what you or your loved ones could use for the colder seasons. We are here to help.

  • Specialized Fat Bikes In stock and on sale!!!!!
  • Specialized Insulator bar mitts for those morning commutes or for the night rider in your family.
  • VEE Rubber studded fat bike tires. In stock! don’t let the ice bring you down this year.
  • Winter Boots, Including: 45north, Lake, and Specialized.
  • We have a variety of headlights and taillights for your safety in stock.

For those who stay inside when the colder whether comes, we have the deals for you!!

  • Trainers: Blackburn TechMag Race reg. $270.oo Sale. $170.00
  • We also carry Kinetic and SunLite trainers in stock, we can special order many other brands, come in for more information.

fatboys blackburn-trainer vee-tires specialized-bar-mitts


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Specialized Spring Savings!

Specialized is offering special pricing on select bikes  and gear! Check out their website or stop by the shop for all the details! www.specialized.com

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Specialized Bicycle Components

Source: Specialized Bicycle Components

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Fall/Winter Update

Large selection of 2016 SPECIALIZEDRALEIGH and EASTERN BIKES in stock.

In stock  FatBikes available from SPECIALIZEDSURLY and FRAMED.

Helmets available from BELLGIRO and SPECIALIZED.

Many helmets are now available with a new safety system called MIPS.

Plenty of cold weather gear from 45NRTH, LAKE, Specialized, ENDURA, BAR MITTS and  WOLF TOOTH.

Large selection of stocking stuffers: Energy supplements, tools, tubes, lube, safety lights, socks, chamois cream, and much more.


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Cold Winter Morning Ride!!!

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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Brewer/Orrington trail ride!

bike website pictures 078

Top of the last hill….almost all downhill back to the starting point.

bike website pictures 071

Sign says narrow hill—-down hill—good fun!!

bike website pictures 072

Great conditions this morning. Alot of the trails were groomed during the night!!

bike website pictures 073

Nice little downhill!

bike website pictures 074

Trail between Fowler Rd.(Orrington) and Johnson Mill Rd(Orrington)—saw an owl just after this area.

bike website pictures 075

Sedgeunkedunk Stream.There were a couple of ducks swimming around.

bike website pictures 076

Sedgeunkedunk Stream.

bike website pictures 077

Great conditions!! Beautiful morning!! Saw 3 deer on the downhill just after this spot!!

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Monday A.M. ride!!

bike website pictures 064

Power line ridin’!

bike website pictures 069

Woods ridin’!

bike website pictures 068

More woods ridin’!

bike website pictures 067

More power line ridin’!

bike website pictures 070

Prepare for take off!! Brewer Airport–end off my trail ride!

bike website pictures 066 bike website pictures 065

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Sunday A.M. ride!!


bike website pictures 057

Where do we go from here??

bike website pictures 058

Three Pugs!!

bike website pictures 059

Larry and I(Scott) at an intersection—making choices!!

bike website pictures 060

Larry followed by Todd coming up the backside of stinky farm!!

bike website pictures 061

Todd approaching the top off stinky farm!

bike website pictures 062

More choices to be made!!

bike website pictures 063

Larry and Todd!!

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January 4th Fat-Bike Ride!!!

bike website pictures 051

fixer-upper, needs some TLC. haul it away and she’s all yours!

bike website pictures 041

the ride starts here… (Elm St, Brewer)

bike website pictures 042

top of the first hill, where to go from here?

bike website pictures 043

hard to pronounce the name of this stream… the Sedgeunkedunk stream!

bike website pictures 044

same stream (cont.)

bike website pictures 046

over the river and through the woods…

bike website pictures 045

…this isn’t grandmother’s house!

bike website pictures 047

the sign said “1 Mile of twisty-turny trail ahead”

bike website pictures 048


bike website pictures 049

Field’s Pond Road Sub Station…it’s been a great ride! Power line riding back to the starting point—saw 2 deer on this power line!!

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