Bikes We Sell

We carry bicycles from Specialized,Raleigh,Surly,Framed Fatbikes,Subrosa BMX, Eastern, We The People BMX, and Stolen BMX.  We also carry Torker Unicycles and Torker Adult Tricycles.We have access to other brands including Colnago,Redline Adult and BMX Bikes.


19 Responses to Bikes We Sell

  1. I am ready to come get my bike today or tomorrow – I’ve been researching and have pretty much decided on a hybrid. But am now trying to narrow down what brand is considered a good seller and reasonable priced. I’ve spoke to your shop several times on messenger but my husband says I’ve still haven’t got enough info. Please also keep in mind the bike I choose needs to be good enough to participate in ride maine event in 2015. I’m very serious about my endeavors to complete that ride and train to do so and have been saving the money for my birthday. Please advise in any way you can. Thank you

    • patsbikeshop says:

      We have a variety of bikes that fall into the hybrid catergory. We carry Raleigh and Specialized. Come in when you have some spare time and try things out and talk to us. The Specialized Vita and Raleigh Alyssa bikes are fitness bikes or flat bar road bikes that are the most efficient hybrid for road riding. Thanks,Scott

  2. Lauren says:

    Hello, do you sell/trade used bikes by any chance? Thanks!

  3. dennis mcdonald says:

    I am looking for a used roadbike to purchase. Do you guys carry anything decent in the $200-$300 category. I have always done a lot of trail riding with a mtn bike, I feel like this year I want to expand my scenory.

  4. Michelle says:

    Do you currently have any Fatbikes? Used or new? What are the price ranges? I am looking to purchase one relatively soon and maybe in the future for my husband.

    • patsbikeshop says:

      We have Framed bikes starting at $650.00, Surly Pugsley($1500.00) and Surly Moonlander($2200.00), Specialized Fatboy SE($1500.00) Fatboys,Fatboy Experts,and Fatboy Trail in stock as well as the 2016 Specialized Hellga–womens specific fatbike($1500.00). I do have my personal Surly Pugsley(16″) which is used.

  5. jim morrison says:

    I bought araleigh 4.5 from pats and would like to know if they come in any color other than black, like maybe green or red?

  6. Brett says:

    The Surly Straggler interests me but I noticed on the site that they expect the owner or shop to rustproof the interior of all the tubes and true all of the openings as part of assembly ( I would of thought that these were things that should be accomplished during manufacture. Is this something that you do on your Surlys? Is it something that other manufactures require as well?

  7. Damien says:

    Hi, I’m looking to get into mountain biking, and I’ve been looking at a diamondback hook. I see you don’t carry diamondback so I was wondering what you would have that is equivalent. I plan on riding some intermediate trails, as well as dirt jumps, and some urban environment. I’m not looking to break the bank especially on my first bike. I would like something similar to the diamondback, something I could easily upgrade in time. I don’t want a XC bike, or full suspension. Any advice you have would be helpful.

    • patsbikeshop says:

      We sell Raleigh, which is owned by the same company as Diamond Back. We have a 2016 Raleigh Tokul 2 in stock, it is a large(19″) frame-for 5’9″-6’0″ rider. It was $775.00 and is on sale for $620.00. Thank you,Scott.

  8. Doug Woolsey says:

    I recently purchased two bikes from Pat’s Bike Shop. I was very impressed with how accommodating they were in putting together 2 bikes to see if we liked the way they rode before purchasing them. In addition, after the purchase, I was pleased to find that their pricing was very competitive with internet prices. This was a sure sign of their honesty in dealing with walk-in customers. Everyone should support these honest brick and mortar places of business. Bottom line is Pat’s Bike Shop is a great place to buy new bikes. Thanks Scott for your help and honesty.

  9. Hunter says:

    What’s the cheapest set of 9 in rise bmx handlebars? And a tough 20×2.40 tire?

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