Employee Rides



Scotty’s Diamondback Podium 6.  Not only is it super-light, but comes equipped with a sawed-off water bottle in which you can put a spare tire!!!


Another one of the boss’ rides, and this one’s got some healthy-sized 650×3.0″ tires! Jamie (Scott’s son) claims this is the ultimate trail machine.  Only one way to find out!



Scott’s Crave 29’r. One day its a single the next its a ghetto multi geared bike. Rigid as a board.


 Christian’s new Specialized Fatboy Comp! Note the unsweetened iced tea in the bottle cage, a fine choice.  Fuel for champs!



So, Ryan finally ponied up for a decent carbon ‘cross bike, the Specialized Crux Elite X1.  It’s about time too, no more building Frankenbike single-speeds out back!


Chase’s FatBoy Pro. You might see it around town on the top of a car. Or a 45 min loop in the Bog



 Scott Davis (aka “Blondie”) has some interesting tastes in road bikes.  Case in point, the All-City Macho King.  A steel disc brake frame with a  Whisky carbon fork!  1×11 drivetrain is definitely the way to go…the 45mm wide tires on the other hand, well, the jury’s out.



Blondie’s Surly Ice-Cream Truck. Not light, But she goes good. When you don’t ride it anymore its a great boat anchor.


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