Q:Do you buy used bikes?

A: No,we do not buy used bikes,we do take bikes in trade that were purchased from us towards the purchase of a new bike.

Q: Do you rent bicycles?

A: No,we do not rent bicycles.

Q: Do you offer layaway?

A:  Yes, but only on bicycles. We require 20% down and full payment within 90 days

Q:How much will  it cost to fix my bike?

A:We do free estimates on repairs. We really need to see the bike to determine the cost of repairs.

Q: What conditions are fat tire bikes good for?

A:  Sand and snow (anything soft) is where they shine, but you can ride them like a regular mountain bike.  They are more comfy and nimble than they look.

Q: What is your usual turnaround time on repairs?

A: It depends on the day/time of year. (winter is very slow, spring through summer is very busy)  We do our best to make sure your repair gets done as soon as possible


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