We work on all types of bicycles. We offer simple repairs,from replacing inner tubes or cables, as well as more complicated things, building wheels or complete overhauls.


16 Responses to service/repairs

  1. Chris says:

    Will you complete a partial assembled bike (mail order) not purchased through you?

    • patsbikeshop says:

      Chris,yes ,we will complete the project, depending on how much is left to assemble and tune, I would estimate $50.00 which would include tuning the bike—adjusting gears,brakes,wheel bearings,truing the wheels etc. If there is alot of “assembling” left to do it could be more. We do not have alot of repairs happening at the moment, as the weather improves we will get buried with repairs and it could be a longer wait for it to get completed. Thanks,Scott

  2. Henry Pilot says:

    Would you be able to restore an old mountain bike? Brakes, gears, etc.

  3. Jim says:

    we have 2 Gary Fisher Capitolas that are in good condition but ten years old. Could you estimate how much it would cost to overhaul them so they would be good for road rides and charity rides?

    • patsbikeshop says:

      Tune-ups are $39.95 plus parts as needed, a complete overhaul is $99.95 plus parts as needed. A tune-up includes adjusting brakes,gears,bearing assemblies,truing the wheels,making sure everything is tight and adjusted properly. A complete overhaul is disassembling the bearing assemblies and greasing them,as well as adjusting brakes,gears etc. If you were to bring them in we do offer free estimates.

  4. Tim Ford says:

    Need to replace 12 speed Centeron shifter lever (s). Do you have any suggestions? I can send a pic if needed. Thanks!

    • patsbikeshop says:

      Tim, You will most likely have to get a set of clamp-on down tube mounted shifters to replace those. Are those the Suntour shifters that are bolted to the center of the downtube??? Thanks,Scott. You could search Ebay.

  5. how much is a new sprocket?

  6. Matt says:

    I have a deore xt mega 9 crank that I have had for years. I need a new middle ring as I am finally (after 10+ hard years) getting significant chain suck. I don’t ride like I used to so I don’t need anything fancy, a steel ring would work fine. What does something like that run to have you replace? Thank you.

    • patsbikeshop says:

      Basic steel is hard to find—basic alloy would be your best best—-I’d need a bit more information to better help you. you could bring it in so we get the proper size/bolt pattern etc…

  7. chris says:

    i know its after hours, picking up a bike ive had work done on,need to have the tires checked “trued” Rear for sure needs it,front maybe. is this something i can stop by on a saturday 4-29 and have done in and out,or would it take some time to complete?

    • patsbikeshop says:

      It would take some time to true the wheels, Saturdays can be very busy, if you could leave it for a couple of hours at the most would be best On the “spot” might not happen.

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