Store Hours–Location–Contact Us

Store Hours:


10:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

10:00am-5:00pm Saturday


9am-6pm      Monday-Friday

9am-5pm      Saturday


373 Wilson St. Brewer, ME, 04412

Contact Us:

Phone: (207) 989-2900



13 Responses to Store Hours–Location–Contact Us

  1. jesse says:

    How much would u charge to adjust my front derailler?

  2. Jessica Porter says:

    I bought my bike from you in October for my birthday. I would like to get a clipless shoe/pedal combo. Plus I need to price a bike rack? I Will stop in tomorrow to check it out. Getting ready for Bikemaine whoot whoo!
    Thanks Jessie

  3. Dave Kuhs says:

    I am looking for a 7 speed comfort bike, and have seen several Raleigh comfort bikes on their website. Would you be able to help me on getting a bike ? Thank You !

    • patsbikeshop says:

      We do have the Raleigh Venture(7 speed) in stock in a variety of sizes. We have a few left overs models with 26″ wheels and some of the 2015’s which use a 650b/27.5″ wheels. the best thing to do is come in and see what size fits you best—we can order any of the 2015’s as long as Raleigh has them in stock.
      Thank you

  4. Shannon says:

    I need a 26 inch tire and tube for a mountain bike. Does it matter what brand? What are you summer hours? Thanks

  5. Newby :) says:

    I’m looking for cycling shoes for spinning class. I’m told the bikes take a universal SPD clip or cleat or whatever it’s called. Do you have any shoes in stock in a women’s size 9 /EU 40 and can you attach the SPD thingies to the shoes if they are purchased there? Thanks!

    • patsbikeshop says:

      We are currently out of size 40—we do have a 39.5 and 41 in stock. We sell the Specialized Spirita RBX mostly for spin class.
      We do have the cleats to mount to the shoes to “clip-in”. We can attach the cleats to the shoes. I will be order some size 40’s and should have them within a week.

  6. Matt says:

    Scott, I have an old shimano deore xt crank( mega 9) that I need to finally replace the middle chainring on. What am I looking at for cost. I’m wondering if it is worth replacing the chainring compared to replacing the whole crank. Thanks

    • patsbikeshop says:

      I do have some middle rings in stock—-need to know how many teeth and the bolt pattern(BCD). Approx. $40.00—can order something if we do not have the proper thing in stock.

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